Our Goals

White Center Promise is a long-term initiative aimed at eradicating poverty in White Center, WA through a continuum of educational results that brings about social change. Our goal is that all children in White Center will graduate from high school and earn a post-secondary credential (such as a 2 or 4 year degree or a vocational certificate) that leads to a living wage career. We are working to align the voices, work and resources of community members, community organizations and area institutions across systems. Our aim is to ensure that we eliminate barriers to equity and provide a foundation for family and student success from the time a child is born until they transition from post-secondary to gainful employment.

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Our Approach

White Center Promise takes a two generation family approach, believing that we must make investments not only in education for children, but in all of the areas that affect family stability. These include physical, social and economic improvements, such as health and mental health services, basic education and employment training, local job development, safe and affordable housing, and leadership and advocacy skills for families. Without such strategies, we cannot expect long-term change for the coming generations.

Other efforts in our region such as the Making Connections Initiative, the White Center Early Learning Initiative, and HOPE VI Greenbridge and Seola Gardens have deepened the strength of the partnerships between institutions, community organizations and residents in White Center. However, they have also showcased the need for ongoing and large-scale coordination and alignment, community input, and collaborative efforts in order to truly make lasting change in the neighborhood.

While recent private and government resources have elevated community voice and created a “new normal” way of doing business and achieving results, we know that even more solutions are required to elevate children and families out of poverty. White Center Promise is the legacy of these previous initiatives as we continue the work towards positive, permanent community change for current and future residents.


Read our 2012-2017 Business Plan to find out more:

WCP Business Plan Executive Summary  (PDF,  589 KB)

WCP Full Business Plan  (PDF,  4753 KB)