Theory of Change


logic model , expected changeThe Theory of Change demonstrates how White Center Promise will develop a strong rooted foundation which will allow children and families to grow strong and successful.  It starts with the key resources – the partners, including residents, community organizations and government entities. These partners have helped create and have agreed upon the inputs and approaches that are central to this effort – the whole family and racial equity lens, the shared vision and strong partnerships, and the data-driven culture of results and deep belief in alignment.

The activities that will incorporate these inputs are at the heart of the work, from early learning and k-12 foundations to post-secondary and family economic success opportunities to family leadership and systems change work.  These activities lead to the high-level outcomes, which include increases in kindergarten readiness, test scores, graduation rates, post-secondary attainment, community safety and family income levels.  As these levels rise, the community impacts that will bring long-lasting change to White Center will start to come to fruition:  successful students, equitable schools, strong families, an engaged community and a thriving neighborhood.


Core Principles

White Center Promise partners are committed to make this vision a reality by working together in several important ways:

  • Focusing on the children: Children are at the core of all that we do. All decisions are made with their best interests at heart. We will ensure that children receive the supports that they need to be healthy and successful from birth through college, and beyond.
  • Capitalizing on strength of our diversity: White Center is home to people from a variety of ethnic, cultural, linguistic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Together we shatter stereotypes and create innovative, culturally relevant solutions.
  •  Working with our community: Our community informs all of our choices. Community members have bold ideas that are rooted in the needs and realities of the neighborhood.
  •  Aligning the efforts of our partners: Our model brings together families, partner agencies, institutions, government and funders to focus on our common goal of success for White Center children. We develop meaningful collaborations with alignment at the heart of each one.
  • Using data to create a culture of results: Data is the primary driver of our progress. We use data to continuously improve our work, and to understand and meet the needs of our children.


Download a copy of the above Theory of Change [PDF]