WCP is Part of the Winning Puget Sound Region RTT-D Grant!

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White Center Promise is part of the winning DOE Race to the Top – District grant that was coordinated by The Road Map Project on behalf of 7 school districts in Seattle and south King County.  The application was one of only two nationally to be awarded the full $40 million, and our application was the fourth highest scoring out of 372 nationally.   Among an array of important systemic work within each district, White Center is one of the two “deep dive” locations with a focus on alignment of effective direct service work.  This work is centered on the early learning, out-of-school time and Family Navigator supports at White Center Heights Elementary and Mount View Elementary as outlined in the WCP Continuum of Solutions.   We are very excited to join with our local and regional partners in this exciting opportunity!

You can view more information about winners, scoring and our application at the following locations:

http://www2.ed.gov/programs/racetothetop-district/index.html http://www.roadmapproject.org/collective-action/race-to-the-top/ http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Road-Map-District-Consortium/410991152299087




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