2016 Community Survey

What matters to White Center? The Community Survey is one of the ways the White Center Community Development Association collects data on the experiences of adults and youth in our neighborhood. We use this data to ensure our strategies are community-driven and accountable to White Center families. Community priorities from the 2016 Community Survey are featured in the following reports.

2016 White Center Community Survey Report

2016 White Center Community Priorities Infographic

Tracking Results

An important principle of White Center Promise is that data is the primary driver of our progress and that it keeps us accountable to the needs of our young people. To this end, we are using the Promise Scorecard, a tool created by the Results Leadership Group and the Promise Neighborhood Institute, to make sure our data is accessible to all.

The Promise Scorecard empowers the community to track our results and progress in a clear and manageable way. This tool will allow anyone who’s interested to easily examine trends over time, analyze what’s going right and what’s going wrong, and see updates as soon as we have them. The information is presented in a visual, easy-to-read format that allows viewers to tailor the data as needed to get a full picture of its meaning. Since all data is presented in aggregate format, individual confidentiality is respected.

We are still working to collect and input data and connect it to our database (that is also in process), so please know that this tool will be available soon.  Please check here in the future.


As shown in the following graphic, a series of indicators have been agreed upon to gauge improvement in children’s educational achievement and attainment, as well as the economic success of their families. Systems-level indicators have also been created to ensure that the WCP infrastructure and operations stay accountable to the core principles of the work. All of the indicators will be used to measure progress toward the desired outcomes over the life of WCP.

The on-track indicators are the higher level outcomes that will be measured, while the performance indicators will show a progression towards the on-track indicators.

Click here to download the indicators and work plan as a PDF document.

WCCDA Data Strategy

WCP Performance and On-track Indicators 7-25-12 PDF