WCP at the Promise Neighborhoods Conference

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The Department of Education held the first Promise Neighborhoods National Network Conference on March 26-27 in Washington, DC.  WCP was honored to be asked to be on a panel for the “Continuing to Work on Your Business Plan and Sustainability Strategy Once Implementation Has Started” workshop.  Laurie Bohm, WCP Director, discussed our experiences working with The Finance Project on developing our sustainability and business plans.  Also on the panel were Lauren Scopaz from Harlem Children’s Zone and Cheri Hayes from The...

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Larkin Tackett, DOE, Visits White Center Promise

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On March 13th, Larkin Tackett, Director of Place-Based Initiatives for the federal Department of Education, visited White Center Promise.  He spent 2 hours talking with the core partners about our experiences with WCP and lessons learned from the Making Connections work.  It is great to know that the great work going on in White Center has reached the ears of the DOE.

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