Residents must be integral partners in this work at all levels. White Center Promise is all about families, and so it is important that they have a strong voice and are a part of decision-making. To this end:

residents gathered at the summer celebration



  • Our seven-person Leadership Team currently includes two local parents with professional leadership roles in White Center that grew their skills through prior initiatives in the community. We are creating a process that will bring more parents to this team that are not affiliated with an agency.
  • We want to ensure that WCP staff are always listening to and incorporating the perspectives and recommendations of residents into the management of the initiative.
  • Residents have always been and will continue to be essential to the success of our Workgroups.
  • Our Family Success Partners will be encouraging and assisting interested residents to gain any skills they feel would be helpful in order to confidently participate in the leadership of White Center Promise.
  • In addition, our community engagement team regularly puts on events, hosts community meetings and finds a wide array of opportunities to both inform and solicit feedback from residents about all aspects of White Center Promise.