Continuum of Solutions

a program of the Promise


The Continuum of Solutions (or pipeline of services) is our programmatic plan for White Center Promise that was developed over our planning year by representatives from various organizations, institutions, local experts and residents (who are experts in their own right). Right from the beginning, we knew that this had to be a whole family or two-generation approach – our strategies had to encompass both the children and the adults in the family. We know families are very important to a child’s ability to learn, through both their educational support and the family stability. The areas we sought to address in our continuum include not just the academic, but also physical, social and economic factors, such as health and mental health services, basic education and employment training, local job development, and leadership and advocacy skills for families.

Thus, our continuum of solutions is an ambitious undertaking of strategies and solutions that will be phased in over a period of years. It calls for alignment and coordination of many programs and services, some of which are existing and some that need to be established. It asks for deep and lasting partnerships between organizations, advocacy for systems change across sectors, and a multi-faceted, comprehensive role for families at every level of their child’s education.

NEW Continuum Visual JULY 2015